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    Ningbo Wanshang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    Ningbo Wanshang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of standard and non-standard automation equipment and tooling inspection tools integrating independent design and development, manufacturing, sales and service, installation, commissioning and training. In the development process, the company continuously adopts today's latest industrial development achievements and advanced technology research, and tailors various automated production equipment, welding tooling and various product inspection tools according to the customer's product needs. At present, the company mainly produces and manufactures: various product inspection tools, various product automatic assembly lines, high-precision air-tightness testing machines. The company adheres to "technology first, quality first, and market-oriented


    What is the difference between automation equipment and non-standard automation equipment?

    25 2021-4

    Non-standard automation refers to non-standard aut...